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John Watson by Glacia-luv John Watson :iconglacia-luv:Glacia-luv 2 2 Tiger by Glacia-luv Tiger :iconglacia-luv:Glacia-luv 3 0
I'm starting to see the patterns
Your mind works like gears
There are many hazards
But you won't break for years
If you are the machine
And I the mechanic
If I am nowhere to be seen
Will you start to panic
If my grease-stained heart
Gets caught in your wheels
I will be unable to part
Without scraping against steel
You don't need me to fix you
But you have convinced yourself otherwise
No, not just anyone will do
Because everyone else you despise
And you expect me to polish, upgrade, and mend
But you hold on far too tight
And I'm starting to bend
Dear, there's no end in sight
:iconglacia-luv:Glacia-luv 1 0
Cartoon Bobby by Glacia-luv Cartoon Bobby :iconglacia-luv:Glacia-luv 0 0 Bobby Singer by Glacia-luv Bobby Singer :iconglacia-luv:Glacia-luv 1 0 Cas by Glacia-luv Cas :iconglacia-luv:Glacia-luv 2 0 Castiel, Angel of the Lord by Glacia-luv Castiel, Angel of the Lord :iconglacia-luv:Glacia-luv 0 0 Anna Milton by Glacia-luv Anna Milton :iconglacia-luv:Glacia-luv 1 2
Writer's Block
It's twelve fifty-nine
I get stuck here every time
Trying to think of a rhyme
To go after the first line
It just so frustrating
I keep contemplating
And internally debating
Why is it so hard, creating?
I spend hours stringing words together
But they never fit, ever
The last line was less than clever
And the next one's no better
I think I have writer's block
I glance at the clock
And with great shock
Realize it's only one o'clock
:iconglacia-luv:Glacia-luv 1 0
I've been sleeping in the stars
Instead of cheap motels and bars
I even touched down on Mars
Because there wasn't the noise of cars
I walked on the moon
Dancing to my own tune
'Till I heard a great boom
I guess I was too close to Earth's goons
So I'll fly toward the sun
Or I'll come undone
If I can still hear the noise of guns
Wherever I try to run
I seek the silence of space
Sounds of Earth, I try to outrace
And if they follow in chase
Then I'll vanish without a trace
:iconglacia-luv:Glacia-luv 1 0
A bed of flowers
All those lost, forgotten hours
Playing through your head
Showing you the path you must tread
Sunshine and rain
No regret or gain
For those loved or those lost
Though the seas, they tossed
Attention divided
A fate decided
Destiny, she's a cruel one
But all's good in the long run
So just don't let go
Don't wander off the path you know
Everything will work out
And that's why we follow this route
:iconglacia-luv:Glacia-luv 0 0
Eyes that sparkle
Sprinkling down rain
A train that's broken
Blocking out all thoughts
A former home
Burning away memories
The bird flying off
The soul in tow
Every kindness
A splatter of anger
Every kiss
A new antidote
Like a flower
Breaking open
A line of words
Cascading over like a waterfall
:iconglacia-luv:Glacia-luv 1 0
Covering my ears
Because I don't want to hear
Boldly screaming fears
Running because I have to choose
I've mixed my lies and truths
That's not even recent news
Lips pressed against the back of my hand,
Am I meeting you,
Or are there two?
Reality always bends
I greet it like an old friend
Together we can pretend
:iconglacia-luv:Glacia-luv 1 0
Let You In
A heart of sticks and stones
The sky for my bones
Eyes unpeeling like a rose
And me staring at my toes
Walls of brick
Too thick
Is it a trick
Or has my heart gained a nick
Needing you with me
Heart growing like a tree
Love and life on the breeze
A gentle but promising tease
:iconglacia-luv:Glacia-luv 0 0
Starry Wings
A breeze in your feathers
Brushing your wingtips against the sky
Soaring with no tethers
Is the best way to fly
You can go anywhere
Above the clouds
Breathing in the frigid air
Peering through the misty shroud
You can fly away
Into the nighttime horizon
Come with the wind into the day
With moon whispers you will wisen
Glide into space
Eyes wide with wonder
The sight makes your heart race
Your mind is blown asunder
You have come so far
Your wings start to droop
It's your time to be a star
As your limbs start to stoop
And when people look up at the sky at night
Staring in wonder with eyes aglow
They'll see you shining bright
Put aside all their woes
And their face will alight
Their happiness will forever continue to grow
:iconglacia-luv:Glacia-luv 0 0
Open Eyes
Sleepless nights
Answerless questions
Boundless energy
Unconscious thoughts
Bring me a rhyme
Bring me a reason
To see the world with new eyes
:iconglacia-luv:Glacia-luv 0 0
"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."
-Vincent Van Gogh


Sad Dip Test Animation by Nightrizer Sad Dip Test Animation :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 2,254 188 Squishy Mega Diancie by x-SquishyStar-x Squishy Mega Diancie :iconx-squishystar-x:x-SquishyStar-x 682 50 Book of Life: La Muerte by ky-nim Book of Life: La Muerte :iconky-nim:ky-nim 2,460 109 Pokemon ORAS: MEGA CAMERUPT by ky-nim Pokemon ORAS: MEGA CAMERUPT :iconky-nim:ky-nim 1,824 213 Eeveelution by DarienDoodles Eeveelution :icondariendoodles:DarienDoodles 1,887 81 JOURNEY by kamakilimai JOURNEY :iconkamakilimai:kamakilimai 129 17 1.GAME.OVER by tickets 1.GAME.OVER :icontickets:tickets 64 12 FREE Chubbicon : Eevee by Sarilain FREE Chubbicon : Eevee :iconsarilain:Sarilain 1,461 106 FREE Chubbicons : Kanto Starters by Sarilain FREE Chubbicons : Kanto Starters :iconsarilain:Sarilain 2,675 179 Mini Squishy Lilligant by x-SquishyStar-x Mini Squishy Lilligant :iconx-squishystar-x:x-SquishyStar-x 508 12
The word sticks to my tongue like cotton candy
The sweet, fluffy combination of letters
struggling to embody a correct connotation
And even the dictionary definition seems sugarcoated:
"Fear of imperfection."
Is that what they say when I'm up until 3am,
editing my English paper for the umpteenth time
The tick-tock tick-tock of the clock
promptly proliferating the room
And I just sit there changing good to great,
and peaceful to quiescent,
hoping that my teacher will be drunk in his bungalow
while he grades my chicken-scratch calligraphy
And he’ll see stars instead of how horrid it is
Or is that the word they use,
when I struggle to consume a 25-calorie chunk of chocolate
because I just know it will go straight to my hips,
or when I step on the scale
and watch the black dashes zoom by
like a carousel spinning,
And as the twirling and whirling makes me sick,
I know throwing up still won’t make me thin
And is that the term they mutter
when I'm sob
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 160 115
Daikakuji Kyoto by SheltieWolf Daikakuji Kyoto :iconsheltiewolf:SheltieWolf 863 144 FREE Snuggly Icon: Anna by Sarilain FREE Snuggly Icon: Anna :iconsarilain:Sarilain 1,035 94 Journey by miapixuu Journey :iconmiapixuu:miapixuu 64 12 Spinning stars (+speed video) by x-SquishyStar-x Spinning stars (+speed video) :iconx-squishystar-x:x-SquishyStar-x 618 33
"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."


:iconeclipsed-star: :iconthegreatmanf: :iconi-facepalm-a-lot: :iconxxxfullofwishesxxx: :iconbroken--umbrella: :iconnepputune: :iconchickensaysmoo: :iconpeterhirschberg: :iconmusic-boxx: :icontufted-plume: :iconfire-baka:


:iconeclipsed-star: :iconthegreatmanf: :iconwolfiepower: :iconkazumi58: :icontacosaucerawr: :iconi-facepalm-a-lot: :iconxxxfullofwishesxxx: :iconbroken--umbrella: :iconsweetlilizzbell: :icondrag0nn: :iconfire-baka: :iconishii-kame: :iconcutelittlesisterplz: :iconpeterhirschberg: :iconbrownflame:


Things I plan to do soon and might not ever happen:

  • Get a new icon - done
  • Get a new id - done
  • Scan and post some pictures - done
  • Scan and post some pictures again - done
  • Scan and post some pictures once more - um
  • Draw some crap - done
  • Make some digital art - yea done
  • Draw a few digital sketches - also done
  • Write some more sucky poems - done
  • Work on my writing - ):
  • idk
May add some more stuff later.


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